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Pokie Facts

Here are some interesting pokie facts for you. If you have any more please email them to us and we will add them!

  • The term 'pokies' is Aussie slang for poker machine.
  • The first ever slot machine was invented in 1895.
  • Charles Fay, a car mechanic from California invented the first ever slot machine.
  • The average payout for a pokie machine is around 91%. The minimum pokie payout % in Australia by law is 87%
  • The first ever pokie machine to arrive in Australia came in the early 1900's.
  • The first pokie machine created in Australia was in the 1950's by Aristocrat and was called 'the clubman'.
  • Australia pokies were legalized in NSW in 1956.
  • In 1999 there were around 180000 pokies in Australia with around 90000 being in NSW.
  • It is estimated that around AU$4 billion is collected by the Australian Government each from the pokies each year.
  • Australia has 5 times more pokies than America.
  • Payout from the pokies cannot be altered by the pub/club. It is set at the time of manufacturing. It can only be altered by ordering a new chip
  • Pokie machines payout is completely random, it doesn't matter who has played it before you or how much they won/lost
  • The Australia Government has currently banned residents to play pokies online
  • Regardless of rumours that the pattern of a pokies double up feature has a system, this is not true, the double up feature is completely random
  • A pokie machine is never due to payout. Payouts are completely random and the % of a pokie machines payout is based over a lifetime.
  • The amount of money and type of coins you put in a pokie will not change the amount that is paid out
  • Playing pokies faster will does not change the way it will pay out
  • Hot coins or cold coins do not change payout chances. This is simply a myth
  • The pokies have millions of possible outcomes
  • Pokies use a RNG (random number generator). This ensures every spin is random and fair. The pokie will randomly choose its reels the very second you press the button or pull the handle. Before this point it does not know what it will show next. Pressing 1 second later would change the outcome to one second before.
  • The above point means that if you walk away from the machine and someone else goes on and spins once and gets the jackpot, that jackpot would probably have not been won by you as the second you press the button determines the outcome of the reels.
  • From looking at a machine it is impossible to tell which machine has the highest payout percentage
  • Pokies allowing higher wagers are likely to payout higher wins as they are accumulating more money
  • The odds of winning does not change by betting higher amounts
  • You cannot buy any pokie software to beat the pokies. Anyone selling such software is a scammer
  • Machines in Pubs, Clubs and Casinos are all the same, they are all random and you have as much chance of winning on one pokie as the other
  • It's illegal in Australia to buy a gaming machine. However in places such as the UK you can legally buy a slot machine as long as the payment system is disconnected at the time of the sale. Most salesmen will show you how to reconnect the payment system so you can connect it back up at home
  • There are no hot and cold periods with pokie machines despite what you may think. Everything is random and the time you press the button will decide if a win will show or not

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