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New Zealand Pokies

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New Zealand Pokies

Gambling in New Zealand is becoming more and more popular. In 2008 more than two billion New Zealand dollars were lost by players, that's around five hundred dollars per person throughout the country. This amount has risen in 2009, 2010 and looks set for an all time high in 2011.

To ensure the loses from New Zealand Gambling go back into society, the government control gambling in quite a unique way. The industry is run by state owned institutions that are there to ensure that a certain amount of money generated by gambling goes back into the community.

It's no surprise that New Zealand Pokies contribute a huge amount towards the money spent each year by players. First introduced in 1991 'the pokies' quickly became a favourite among the locals. Just like the Aussies the nickname 'pokies' or 'the pokies' is commonly used throughout New Zealand to describe the slot machines which can be found in most bars or hotels.

It's thought that one of the main reasons the pokies machines became so popular, so fast, is due to the huge random jackpots that can be won. For players who like to gamble these jackpots can be very tempting and the thought of winning one is enough to excite someone who doesn't even like to gamble! The pokie jackpots in New Zealand's bars and hotels are regulated, but players can still win huge amounts and continue to try.

The income from pokies has fallen over the last few years as some bars and hotels have chosen to remove them from the premises. Another reason which may explain the decrease is the new features found on new pokie machines. Features include Player Information Displays, these displays tell the player the exact length of time they have been playing the machine, the amount won/lost so far, and are designed to tell the player to take breaks.

Due to the success of the pokies in New Zealand and other parts of the world, it wasn't long before online casinos were offering online pokies . There are tons of casinos online accepting New Zealand players. Depending on which casino the player chooses to play they are normally greeted with some kind of welcome bonus. This is normally a free chip or a match bonus. Take Jackpot City Casino for example who offer up to $500 free on your first 2 deposits.

Another popular online casino accepting New Zealand players is Platinum Play. They offer a generous 1500 free bets to all new players just to try them out.

Whether you choose to play pokies online, or play pokies in a bar or hotel, it's always worth checking out your local laws before you play. All information on this site is used as a reference only and due to the way the laws are always changing with gambling, we cannot be held responsible.

Enjoy the pokies and win big!

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